B.A.T.D Exams


N1Dance and Performance are affiliated with B.A.T.D which allows our dancers the opportunity to sit graded exams annually. Our ballet and tap classes follow the B.A.T.D syllabus and dancers who feel are ready, are given the opportunity to sit their exams and achieve recognition for their efforts. Exams are a great way of instilling discipline and giving our dancers a real sense of achievement.

At the end of every year all of our dancers come together to put on a spectacular show for our friends and family. This is the most important date in our calander and gives our dancers the opportunity to dress up, show off their skills and be a star for the night.

          Christmas Presentation

a new event in our calander which will see our dancers gather to showcase skills learned in class, wish each other a merry christmas and also be presented with an end of year award for their hard work and efforts, this is a celebration of our little stars and a thank you from their teachers with a festive theme.





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